Canada’s Most Popular and Sought-After Vancouver Based Designer and Feng Shui Master.

Deepak Jayakar’s approach to design has always been a simple one: “Always let the function of a space determine its form.” With over 25 years of experience, his passion for design has allowed him to do what he loves – transform projects into outstanding spaces. Deepak’s knowledge and attention to detail, as well as his rejection of short-lived trends, has rendered him a signature style that is both timeless and well-recognized.

Design Experience

Deepak’s amazing journey in design has allowed him to work on everything from luxury custom homes across the Lower Mainland, British Columbia – all the way to palace hotels in Bhopal at the centre of India.

His expertise in the field of interior design, paired with passion, experience and dedication has become so indisputable that his clients refer to him as the ‘Design Einstein’. Deepak’s work has included residential projects, retail, commercial, hospitality and institutional-centres across many cities in the world, including but not limited to: Canada, US, UK, Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah, Mauritius, and Mumbai – and notably the award-winning luxury palace hotels Jehan Numa Palace & Noor Sabah Palace in India. 

Deepak’s philosophy is “distinction in details”, wherein every project is developed in its totality, and every feature is well researched and considered. Deepak takes pride in his ability to understand each client’s needs and desires when creating a space that reflects their unique personality. He is capable of delivering a myriad of design-styles, such as: contemporary, classical, traditional, modern and eclectic. Deepak works with prominent entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities, and members of royal families – and – his no-nonsense professionalism has gained him considerable respect both locally and internationally.

1989 - 2008Feng Shui Profile

Canada’s Highly Acclaimed Vancouver-based Feng Shui Master and Designer. Undoubtedly sophisticated in his practice – and with over 25 years of experience – Deepak’s expertise in Feng Shui, in addition to his experience as a designer, has gained him international prestige. He is one of very few professionals in North America who successfully integrates practical design and architectural applications with the elevating effects of Feng Shui.

Having risen in popularity, Deepak’s Feng Shui design services have become an integral thread in the design tapestry of the Pacific Northwest’s real estate market. Over the years he has had the opportunity to work alongside the very prominent names in architecture, design, development and real-estate.

Deepak studied Feng Shui under several Masters and Grand Masters of Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Tibet before venturing out on his own – and with over 25 years of practical design experience and qualifications in the design and construction industry – he is undoubtedly unmatched as a Feng Shui consultant in the field of design across North America. Deepak is one-of-a-kind in experience and professional expertise, and is well-equipped with knowledge of Canadian building standards, codes and by-laws. Apart from practicing Interior Design and Feng Shui professionally, Deepak conducts classes and talks on Feng Shui. He often customizes his lectures as per the preference of his audience, and touches upon relevant and valuable industry-specific information.

Currently, Deepak is busy assisting individual families, business professionals, real-estate companies, builders and developers to create dream-spaces by offering tailor-made design solutions based on Feng Shui theories. His professional code of conduct ensures that he undertakes engagements in a confidential manner, with utmost respect for a client’s privacy. Deepak’s experience working with high-profile clientele, corporate executives, prominent business-leaders, professionals, politicians and other well-known public figures, both local and foreign, highlights his understanding of the importance of discretion. 

Deepak provides complex design-based solutions for specific challenges in Feng Shui, making him one of the most unique Feng Shui Masters in all of North America. He believes: “Energy (Chi) is our most precious personal gift from the Cosmos. Good energy people and good energy homes manifest happiness, harmony, and abundance. Whether it is love, business or well-being, Feng Shui holds the key to unlock whatever blocks our paths.”

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Never before have practical design applications and Feng Shui been fused into one. Through creativity, knowledge and Feng Shui mastery, Design Einstein crafts spaces that are beautiful, efficient and auspicious. Our exclusive customers can attest the powerful effects of Feng Shui in all aspects of life, business, health and wealth.
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