Deepak Jayakar’sFeng Shui Webinar

Sun, March 7, 2021
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

Feng Shui & Astrology for the Metal OX Year, 2021 Ancient secrets revealed / Incredible information packed event you should not miss.

About this Event

The Year 2021 is going to be a life shift year for many of us. This Year of the OX has special significance for being Heavenly Luck Star will be controlling the center sector of the annual Ba-gua that has power to help us re-shape, re-build and re-invent our life. Secondly, Ox year 2021 is the starting point of the third decade of the twenty first century and will determine our fortune for the new decade depending on how we set the Feng Shui of our home and office in the current year 2021. Thirdly, the energy structure of the Metal OX year 2021 indicates, it will be a very encouraging year and world will start healing and creating new opportunities for the growth. During 2021, knowing the location of auspicious energies in our space we can also enjoy the windfall of money luck.

Webinar Schedule

(Times may vary)

Log-in available 08.30 am
Webinar Begins 09.00 am sharp
First coffee break of 15 minutes 10.30 am
2nd Session resumes 10.45 am
Lunch break of 45 minutes 12.30 am
3rd session resumes 01.15 pm
2nd coffee break of 15 minutes 03.00 pm
Class resumes back 03.15 pm
Webinar ends 05.00 pm

This insightful seminar that happens only once a year and personally conducted by Feng Shui Master Deepak Jayakar who shares Feng Shui secrets generously that will be responsible for your life transformation. Now its in your hands to make 2021, “Your Better Year Ever!”

Webinar Content

  1. Intro to the Ox year – revealing the hidden potentials and growth opportunities
  2. Analysis of the Ox year energies – general trends and setting goals
  3. Ox year’s influence on daily life – personal and professional
  4. Annual Taboos – avoiding pitfalls and guarding one’s health, wealth and relationship
  5. Feng Shui of the Ox Year – unlocking the Flying Stars of home and office for achieving and having more in life & career
  6. Decoding Luck – Study of annual elements and Star combinations to attract success in every area
  7. Each Zodiac sign prediction – simple yet powerful tips for taking life and career to the next level
  8. Ancient secrets revealed – Theory of Cosmic Alignment to boost your Success
  9. Annual Star analysis – Global Trade & Industry prediction – Investment opportunities – Health & Travel tips and much more information
  10. Special tips on: Activating Astrological alliance – Love life enhancement – getting recognition and fame – acquiring influencing power – Tapping Luck – Etc.

Top 10 benefits of the Webinar

  1. Gain unparalleled clarity to empower your next step
  2. Know unknown details that will affect your life
  3. Tools to navigate through complex problems and challenges
  4. The game plan to create life of freedom – personally and professionally
  5. Get insight to improve your decision-making power
  6. Gain secret knowledge to monetize on 2021
  7. Easy to apply Feng Shui Tips to turn energies in your favour
  8. It will help you bring phenomenal shift in your life
  9. Tips to attract golden opportunities for growth in life and career
  10. All participants will get information-packed Webinar Guide to download

Why learn from Deepak Jayakar

  1. Certified from three different well-recognized Feng Shui Schools
  2. Over 25 years of professional experience
  3. Most reliable source of authentic Feng Shui
  4. Lot more information not available on Google
  5. Theoretical understanding combined with practical applications
  6. Teaches Feng Shui that can fit into North American Homes, Offices & Life-styles
  7. Straight to the point answers
  8. Blends Ancient Wisdom to modern life
  9. Never before Feng Shui Master and Designer fused into one
  10. Equipped with ancient secrets of Feng Shui, Astrology and Hindu Vedas


The presenter and publisher have made their best efforts to produce the information contained in this webinar and manual. Some information may have been extracted from various websites, newspaper clippings and other online sources. Any information pertaining to the events, occurrences, dates and other details relating to the person or persons, dead or alive, and to the companies have been verified to our best efforts based upon the information obtained from various on-line sources and web-sites.
We make no representation or warranties of any kind with regard to the contents of this webinar and manual and accept no liability of any kind for any losses or damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly from using the information contained herein.

The information contained herein cannot replace or substitute the services or the advice of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, mental, psychological, medical, financial, or legal fields. None of the information herein should be confused as such advice.

Herein, Feng Shui and astrological predictions and other related information based upon the presenter’s knowledge and experience that interpret the impact of various planets on human beings and their affairs, are to be treated purely as interpretation of astrological configurations. Interpretations made by presenter/publisher can differ from the interpretations made by any other astrologers and Masters. In no way does the Feng Shui and astrology advice or predictions herein constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, financial or other advice. Moreover, the Feng Shui and astrology advice does not constitute direction and/or diagnosis or treatment of any kind, be it medical, mental, spiritual, or other.

The Feng Shui and Astrological content suggests only possibilities and therefore we make no warranties / representations with respect to accuracy or significance of any aspect of the Feng Shui and astrological predictions. The presenter’s opinion on any particular point might differ from other experts and astrologers. You may use your discretion before relying on any predictions or advice. We are not responsible for any claims of negative or non-functioning feng shui and astrology advice and remedies provided by us.

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