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December 20, 2019by Design Einstein

Recently, I was asked whether an ‘Open Layout’ concept harnessed good Feng Shui energies. As always, it depends upon the circumstances, but in short, NO. Here’s why:

Open Layout Concepts were initially designed to foster collaboration, barrier-free communication, bonding and effective connectiveness. However, recent studies have shown that the results are causing damage at the cognitive and Feng Shui levels.

On a practical level, Open Layouts cause distractions, interruptions and even difficulty in hearing resulting in the inability to properly process and make effective decisions. Combined, these causes can overload our nervous system causing people to experience more stress and fatigue.

On a Feng Shui level, it is difficult to control the energy flow. The energies are disbursed rapidly in all directions causing chaotic energy flows resulting in homes and offices that are more stressful and less restful.

Spaces should continue to be designed considering everyone’s need for privacy and personal space for growth and wellbeing. Using Feng Shui principles, auspicious and beneficial energies can be harnessed if the energy flow is well-controlled and spaces are well-defined based on function. In context to Flying Star Formula, in open layout some energy grids are missed out resulting deficient energy structure; thus, homes and offices energetically not nurturing the growth. Moreover, occupants feel emotionally pressured, stressed, exhausted and worn out.

In addition to the space, make sure that your own personal energy is in order by taking the necessary breaks during the day to replenish yourself. This includes stepping out of the office for lunch and getting up and moving your physical energy. This self-compassion helps to generate imagination and creativity.

Yours in wellness

Deepak Jayakar

Feng Shui Designer

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