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Feng Shui Fusion is About More Than Just Transforming Your Space. It’s About Transforming Your Life.

Feng Shui is a metaphysical science that can be fully explained by logic. It is the art of living in harmony with the environment.

Research indicates, building architecture and interior has profound influence on our health, wealth and emotional well-being. The space that radiates love, happiness and prosperity; present those same feelings and opportunities to you in life as your space and every object within it contains energy field.

Like the fish in water, we swim in the pool of energies as we interact with our environment, and that needs to be healthy in order for us to be healthy. This is where the FENG SHUI FUSION comes in.


We have developed and created the unique way to perfectly blend Feng Shui with Architecture and Interior Design into crafting the space that is not only just beautiful, functional and practical but also promotes the wellbeing of the occupants in all areas of life. Architecture and Interior Design, when employed as a means of embodying principles of universal harmony can sustain us rather than drain us, so that our homes become our Heavens and workspaces support our creativity and profitability.

Based on ancient philosophy principle – “when our lives and homes are aligned with the cosmic energies, we can enjoy all that universe has to offer” – you can purposefully plan and designed your spaces to create the thriving and fulfilling life.

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CREATING A BALANCEWhy Design Einstein?

Never before Feng Shui Master and Designer fused into one. With over 25 years of experience in Interior Design and Feng Shui Mastery, he creates the spaces not just beautiful; but also, auspicious and lucky in all other aspects of your life.
  1. Certified and licensed Feng Shui Consultant
  2. Feng Shui Mastery with strong Construction industry background
  3. Knows techniques to blend Feng Shui with modern life-style and spaces
  4. Knows to match Feng Shui with Canadian Building Codes
  5. Expert in creating designs where Feng Shui is not obviously visible

Highlights of Feng Shui Services related to design, construction and real estates:

  1. Residential and commercial spaces – New Built and Renovations
  2. Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Health and Wellness
  3. Fashion, Beauty, Glamour
  4. Branding and Marketing, Events
  5. Single, Multifamily Housing, High-Rise Building Projects
  6. Malls and Business Centers
  7. Real Estate – Buying, Selling and Investing
  8. Property Diagnostics and Audits (i.e., T-Junction, Cul-De-Sac, Sick, Legal Disputes, Divorce, and Foreclosure Properties) Remedies, Clearance Certification
  9. For Builders, Developers, Renovators and Stagers
  10. Training Courses and Speaking Engagements – Industry Specific Knowledge

Feng Shui for Home Owners / Business Owners  For New Built and Renovation

We have been very fortunate to have a niche where most architects and interior designers can not compete. We offer a unique Feng Shui touch, a different point of view and understanding that has been missing out there for several years. We have created a new dimension to nurture lives and businesses by creating auspicious energy flow in your environment through architectural and interior design elements with an emphasis on promoting Harmony, Peace and Prosperity

Some of the important Advantages:

  1. Less struggle, more success
  2. Transform obstacles into opportunities
  3. Build self-awareness, meaning and purpose
  4. Increased focus and confidence
  5. Become influential with leadership presence
  6. Improved understanding and managing abilities
  7. Acquire positive mind-set
  8. Gain control over situations, business and life
  9. Plenty of opportunities of growth in all areas
  10. Create thriving life for yourself and for people around you

Special Feng Shui Services for Builders/Developers/Renovators & Trade Agencies

Take your Projects and Business to the NEXT Level with Feng Shui

Important Benefits:

  1. Builds harmonious relationship with clients, vendors and team members
  2. Sells your project faster with increased profit
  3. Attract high ticketed clients – generating leads
  4. Reduced losses and risks
  5. Get Approved in everything
  6. Attract unique opportunities of growth and learning
  7. Connect with influential people
  8. Boost your reputation and fame
  9. Improved self-esteem, confidence and mindset

Get in touch with us for further information about our Feng Shui services by calling 604-760-4858.

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