Builder’s Advantage/

Creating BRAIN to build Brilliant, Brighter & Bigger FUTURE!

Our Builder’s Advantage Program is all about collaboration, profitability, performance, mentorship and legacy

Where growth meets reliability and positioning meets advantage

DJ Design Einstein Inc is highly specialized in developing Builders, General Contractors and Renovators Build Bigger successes. The main focus of company’s business is to provide individual attention to each client that covers each stage of their business and project development.

For nearly two decades, company has been evolving a process and culture that combines the most powerful aspect of research and development – to bring commercial advantage to their valued clients.

At DJ Design Einstein Inc. we believe that great consumer centered ideas can play critical role in bringing business success to our clients. We don’t believe only making their projects look pretty; we believe in creating consumer touch point that builds relationship and effective communication strategies that drive bottom line profit and business success.

In a nutshell, we build our Business, by helping you build your Business!


When you work with us there are certain Compelling Advantages

A professional code of ethics, honesty and integrity govern all our actions
All our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary expertise
We take extra efforts to exceed the expectations of our clients
We form a business relationship with each client to maximize their returns
We are proactive in every aspect of our services and expert at optimizing your performance

Top 10 differentiated benefits – Business related

Create solid company structure
Strategies to build brand and reputation
Creating Niche market – effective and aggressive marketing strategies
Attract HIGH-PRICE clients
Organizational administration and management support
Resource assured financing
Techniques to secure bottom-line profit
Assistance in trade contracting to eliminate disputes and conflicts
Plans to manage crises and risks
We are your partner in achieving goals and project success

Top 10 differentiated benefits – Project related

Invest time on project and market research
Concept and design development based on market needs
Behind the scene details to leverage the sale
Use of advance design principles to create stunning projects
Developing THEME for seamless flow of design – Signature Brand
Interactive and collaborative approach with your team
Saving time and money by eliminating guess work, errors and overheads
Strong emphasis on curb appeal to attract attention
Help you build proud portfolio
Help you create legacy with extraordinary project line – set new tends

Top 10 differentiated benefits – COACHING related

Empowerment – Creating Winner’s Mindset
S.W.O.T. Analysis
Personal Branding- Social intelligence – identity creation
Life Balance and Being Human role
Leadership training and making alliance
Creating Industry involvement and updating knowledge
Improvisation of networking and communication skills
Set of skills required for Business
Media and Community echoes
Gaining control and leading market

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#900 2025 Willingdon Ave
Burnaby BC V5C 0J3