Owner’s Representative/

Owner’s Representative

We are your Brain and Nervous System of Your Project: Administration & Management / New Build / Renovation / Remodel

Client based and Project Focused service

We provide client based and project focused service to improve the performance of the project as well as of each team member by brining our knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas to client’s advantage and to protect client’s interest during construction phase at various level setting up right work culture, procedures, ethics, and discipline.

To ensure project success, we will use our ability to provide leadership, and guidance to translate into the successful realization of a project goals. As a Consultancy firm we will contribute our operational, strategic and technical expertise to project while collaborating with client to determine budget parameters those are well aligned with project objectives. We will also monitor progress and performance at each stage and facilitate necessary intervention, by being in total controller of the project.

Highlights of our responsibilities

Create and advice on design schematics that appropriate for the project
Identify project parameters and specifications
Determine project scope via consultation and investigation
Cost calculation and Coordinating budget with various agencies
Allocating resources to project task
Collaborating and setting with team – project objective, targets and timeframes
Providing guidance and monitoring progress and team performance at each stage
Facilitate suitable intervention to prevent costly delays and ensure quality standards
Schedule meetings, resolve issues and ensure healthy timely communication
Identify new opportunities to improve project and team performance

Important TOP 5s of Project Management

1 Initiation Procedure Specific
2 Planning Standards Realistic
3 Implementation Efficiency Attainable
4 Monitoring Continuous improvement Measurable
5 Closing Accountability Timely

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As a project specialist, we will take a project from start to finish by setting controlled process and overseeing all activities to ensure they surpass client’s expectation, dreams and needs.


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