Do you use digital technology? Many would answer YES. Electronic devices play prominent and useful role in employment, social life and entertainment.

Some people even check a device for messages and updates through night; it seems we are much overly attached to some uses of technology. Many of us may experience withdrawal symptoms when separated from digital companion. Medical science describes this type of behavior as an addiction – more specifically to the internet and smart phones. Regardless of what it is called, unwise use of digital technology can be a problem.

Recently met 20 year old girl complained – “My Dad doesn’t even know about anything going on in my life. He sits in the living room and writes e-mails while talking to me. My Dad probably cares about me, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem that he does.”

Just imagine the negative impact that technology has on your personal and family life. If your use of technology is causing you to neglect “the more important things” – including your family and other responsibilities – now is the time to make change.

Knowing the importance of wise use of technology, I started spending more time at gym, yoga classes, sports and other personal interests – so to spend extra time at “digital detox” zones, where I am denied access to the internet and other digital devices.

Too much of even a good thing can be harmful. So whether you use digital technology for business or pleasure, limit how long you will do so, and then stick to that limit. As new advance devices make it easier and faster to access and transmit data, the unwise use of technology will no doubt grow. But do not let attraction lead to “addiction”. It all depends on you and begins with you.

Mahatma Gandhi never had this chance to use this sophisticated technology to spread message to mass audiences; without Google, Facebook, LinkedIn he drew the global attention to himself. Mahatma Gandhi never had any online chat group or never had he tweeted; but still his voice and slogans were echoed in hearts of millions. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lived for his principles, values and his self-less agenda to gain Freedom for India without use of any hi-tech technology; so he became MAHTAMA.

However, I am not against any digital or cellular technology but I totally object the unwise use of it. Like all other tobacco products, social media sites and digital devices should wear statutory warning, “Unwise use may be injurious or harmful for your social well-being and emotional health!”

Indulge Wisely!!!