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June 23, 2018by Design Einstein0

“Hiring an Interior Designer” may be one of the best investments a new home purchaser or homeowner may make.

Many of us feel that our project is too small to hire a design specialist, or since we have a builder and/or architect, we don’t need to throw another trade into the mix. However, Interior Designers work on a wide range of projects and within an equally diverse range of budgets. Working with an Interior Designer is like getting involved in a highly creative process.

Designers have spent years mastering their craft in order to be able to create functional and beautiful spaces for living and working. They are familiar with current products, trends, building codes, local trades, resources and of course fashion & style. Designers can not only help you create the home of your dreams, but also save your time and money.

As an advisor, a designer can help you:

  • Confirm a style and theme for your home.
  • Assist in creating a custom space designed to accommodate your lifestyle and family’s personal needs
  • Guide you through the communication process with contractors and trades people.
  • Help to set and maintain a realistic budget.
  • Create an overall plan for your new home, maximizing the home’s best features and assets.
  • Create lighting plans and furniture layouts, maximizing opportunities for built-ins and ensuring that focal points are properly lit.
  • Offer innovative design ideas such as water features, custom fireplaces, focal points etc.
  • Avoid costly mistakes and expensive re-does.
  • Share a pool of resources of manufacturers, retailers and trades people.
  • He makes you involve in creative process
  • Helps you create positive environment that will keep you inspiring.
  • Eliminates all guess work and everyday hassles out of project.

However, a designer’s charges may vary from project to project. If your budget is small, consider hiring one for one or two hours as a consultant. The designer’s hourly fee will vary between $80 and $300, depending on your location and the designer’s experience. For larger and lengthy projects, designers will offer a variety of billing options: an hourly fee; hourly fee plus commission on all purchases; flat rate; flat rate plus commission; straight commission; price per square foot etc.

Your relationship with a designer will even span many years after the completion of your project, so find a designer you trust and who understands your needs. Your designer should be receptive to your desires, likes, dislikes, and suggestions. Choosing an Interior Designer to consult, for your home or office project is perhaps the wise and most comforting decision you can make!”

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